ARB/One and Only Dreams -released by Victor Invitation in 1986
ARB/Rock Over Japan-released by Victor Invitation in 1987
ARB/Papers Bed-released by Victor Invitation in 1988
ARB/Sympathy-released by Victor Invitation in 1989
Masaharu Fukuyama/Message-released by BMG Victor in 1990
Unicorn/Soldier-released by Sony Music in 1993
Rie Sugimoto/Kiminiaitaitoki-itumosorawo-miteru -released by King Record in 1993
Taro Yamamoto/Teenage Moratorium-released by King Record in 1994
Taro Yamamoto/Tsukareta Natsu-released by King Record in 1994
Sakebushijinnokai/Akatonbo-released by Media Remoras in 1995
Sakebushijinnokai/Ao-released by Pony Canyon, Inc. in 1996
Juichi Morishige/Sad(Single)-released by Columbia in 1997,
Juichi Morishige with Exiles/Heart of Gold-released by Columbia in 1997
Sakebushijinnokai/Belrin~Plague-released by Pony Canyon, Inc. in 1997
Namioka/Existence-released by Gauss Entertainment Inc. in 1998
Juichi Morishige/Yoruha Asaga Omouhodo(Single)-released by Triad in 1998,
Juichi Morishige/Butterfly-released by Triad in 1999
Ai Kikuchi/Dear-released by ITS Promotion in 2002
Leno Valentine/Orange Road-released by Yamaha Teen's Label in 2004
Aki Inayama/Open Up-released by Panders Label in 2006
Wagou/Wagou-released by Dinkum Music in 2006
Erina Nakajima/7 years-released by her own Label in 2006
Yoko Kose/Kakegaenonaijinsei-released by Nakajima Enterprize in 2006
Saiko/KInou-no-ame-released her own Label in 2008
Aki Inayama/2nd album-released by Panders Label in 2008(Coming soon!)