Born in Fukuoka, Japan. Shirahama fell in love with British and American rock music when he was twelve years old after listening to the Satisfaction sung by Rolling Stones on the radio. He obtained his first guitar and started to learn the cord progressions of the standard numbers dreaming to be the most famous rock guitarist in the world. While he was a student at Seinan Gakuin University, he joined a rock band gMozzh as a guitarist, songwriter and performer. After graduating from the University, he started to work as an instructor at Odawara Juvenile Training School. He left the school after working there for two years and started to prepare his demo tape hoping to get a contract with one of the major record companies in Japan while teaching mathematics at a cram school. Fortunately, Keisuke Kuwata, a lead vocalist for the Southern All Stars, heard Shirahamafs demo and was impressed by it. Kuwata introduced Shirahama to the sales promoter of Victor Invitation, a major record company in Japan. Shirahama signed a contract with Victor invitation and released his first album in 1985. Next year, he joined ARB as a guitarist and songwriter after Mitsuhiro Saito (ex-Bow Wow)@left the band. Coincidentally, the first guitar player for the band was Ichiro Tanaka whom Shirahama grew up together in Fukuoka since he was five years old until he left Fukuoka. In 1986, Shirahama signed a contract with Victor Invitation and officially became a third guitarist and songwriter for ARB. He has produced four albums until it broken up in 1990. In 1990, he signed a contract with Toshiba EMI and released his fourth Album g90fs Paradoxh. In the same year, he produced Masaharu Fukuyamafs debut album gDengonh in which he co-wrote most of the songs with Fukuyma. In 2000, he signed a contract with Vivid Sound and released his fifth album gColor of My lifeh. As to this date, he has produced many albums for a variety of musicians and actors, including Juichi Morishige, Taro Yamamoto, Rie Sugimoto, Unicorn. He has also written songs for Masaharu Fukuyama (co-wrote hDead Bodyg included in a million seller album gMagnum Collection 1999h), Saburo Tokito, Hiroyuki Sanada, Mami Yamase.



2010 The 27th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest
"Cold Flame"--Finalist, Rock/Alternative Category

2009 The 26th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest
"Golden Years"--Honorable Mention, Ethnic Category
"Wonderfull World"--Honorable Mention, Rock/Alternative Category
"Human Flight"--Honorable Mention, Rock/Alternative Category