Golden Years

Do not cheat yourself of fear
No one can edge away from the end
As ripe fruit falls to the ground
No one can edge away from the end
Golden years (Slip away)
How did you feel your golden years
Golden years (Slip away)
Good times are always gone too soon
Met a true friend in all wasteland
They're never ruled by negative words
And I touched their innocent souls
Why should I feed upon my own greed?
Golden years (Slip away)
How do you feel in such a place?
Golden years (Slip away)
Said they were always happy inside their world
We can always see another door of bliss
if you just close your eyes.
Our images are garden filled with flowers that never die
We can always slip into unconsciousness
There are no countries, no religion and no human race
above the sky
Tell me why you're crying
and tell me where your freedom are
I'm in a dream of unity between nations
It couldn't be that God was tired of shinning on earth

played & written by H.Shirahama