Human Flight

The dark changes into blue.
It is time when satans and angels could coexist.
The rain is tears of Cain.
It is innumerably pierced and has stuck in women's sheets.
I tried to jump to the sheet, and shut my eyes in the deadly darkness.
The wall was dyed to the color of despair.
And two opposite souls risk the shadow to that plane wall.
You stood in front of the mirror putting on the paper dress with the veil of moistured air
and are dreaming the queen in the world where I am not.
I sold off all furniture, and severed the last hope.
But you are polishing our empty rooms as having gone mad.
Show your hands. Raise your face.
Now let's run away from distorted world.
It's our human flight.
"Red is my mind. "
Your eyes are talking to me again and again.
I couldn't understand you.
So I threw out the door key from the window.
My beautiful, let's go out to the town and look for an insensitive companion.
And then let's sleep at a root of the building like a defenseless bird.
Banker coldly read out insufficient funds.
And a tax collector is looking for the last one coin in the rest room by dirty shoes.
Hear your own voice. And look at the face of you who reflects in the mirror well.
Now, spit, and let's jump into another hell.
It's our human flight.

written by H.Shirahama